Desiccant Dehumidifier Rise 8L - Perfect for areas with little or no heating!

  • Consistent performance, efficient even to temperatures as low as 1°C
  • Continuous dehumidification mode, significantly assist in drying clothes
  • Low noise levels during operation due to no compressor within
  • Energy efficient with the ECO mode function

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Benefit from Continuous Dehumidification, for immediate results where it is necessary. With continuous dehumidification the device acts as a catalyst in conditions of high demand, such as drying clothes or flooded rooms, eliminating moisture quickly and effectively.

Thanks to Continuous Drainage, you don't have to worry about emptying the water tank. Place the tube at the back of the device and plug it in the siphon. The water accumulated, will directly lead to the drains.

Enjoy safe operation of your dehumidifier, thanks to its special integrated overflow protection. When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier automatically switches off and the indication "Full" illuminates, notifying you that the water tank must be emptied, thus preventing any possible unwanted leakage.

Organize with accuracy the operational period of the dehumidifier with the 8-hour timer and avoid the needless use of the device

  • RISE Desiccant
  • Dehumidifying Capacity 8 L / 24 hours
  • Power Consumption
    (26.7℃ 60%RH)
    30 / 330 / 650 W
  • Noise Level
    (Low / High)
    39 / 43 / 48 db(A)
  • Air Output 120 m³ / h
  • Water Tank 2 L
  • Dimensions
    351 × 180 × 500 mm
  • Net Weight 6.3 kg

The semi-transparent water tank allows you to see the water level at all times so you can empty it when necessary.

When the water tank is full, the full tank indicator lights up on the control panel to warn you.

With the automatic restart function, the dehumidifier not only restarts itself if it is switched off by a power failure or if the plug is accidentally unplugged, but also maintains its previous settings.

The dehumidifier can be used in areas with room temperature from 1°C upwards.

Protect your appliance and ensure a more efficient operation with the air filter specifically designed to capture all dust particles and prevent them from entering the dehumidifier while helping to extend the life of the device.

Rise 8L Dehumidifier

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