Unique design with the most silent and high performance!

  • Adjust the room’s humidity using dehumidifier’s digital display.
  • Great results due to the continuous drainage.
  • Dry your clothes with the continuous dehumidification mode.
  • Silent mode to banish humidity during the night.

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Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

With the 24- hour timer you can schedule precisely the operational period of your dehumidifier thus avoiding needless use when you 're not at home.

  • Fresh FRS-12LBS
  • Dehumidifying Capacity 12 L / 24 hours
  • Power Consumption
    (26.7℃ 60%RH)
    200 W
  • Noise Level 41 db(A)
  • Air Output
    (High / Low)
    118/99 m³ / h
  • Water Tank 2.1 L
  • Dimensions
    320x215x420 mm
  • Net Weight 11.4 kg
  • Refrigerant R290
  • Room Temperature from 5 to 32
  • Available on Amazon

Powerful compressor for immediate and efficient dehumidification results.

Ensure maximum performance of the dehumidifier throughout its operation, thanks to the smart defrosting function. In case of ice formation, the compressor will automatically stop working and the fan will continue its operation until it is completely removed.

The function of the thermal overload protection (motor protection) is precisely to stop the compressor when it gets too hot or when it draws too much current from the power supply line.

The semi-transparent water tank allows you to see the water level at all times so you can empty it when necessary.

In the event of abnormal operation or component failure, the unit will automatically shut down to protect itself. In the meantime, a protection code or an error message will be displayed to activate its maintenance.

This new technology detects refrigerant leaks. In the event of a refrigerant leak, EC (error code) will appear on the unit's display.

With the automatic restart function, the dehumidifier not only restarts itself if it is switched off by a power failure or if the plug is accidentally unplugged, but also maintains its previous settings.

The dehumidifier can be used in areas with an ambient temperature of 5°C to 35°C.

The dehumidifier's built-in hygrometer and digital display allow you to view the percentage of humidity in the room at any time.

Protect your appliance and ensure a more efficient operation with the air filter specifically designed to capture all dust particles and prevent them from entering the dehumidifier while helping to extend the life of the device.

Fresh 12L Dehumidifier

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