14 / 03 / 2017

Important things I need to know, before buying a dehumidifier

Important things I need to know, before buying a dehumidifier


Which is the ideal dehumidifier for me?

In order to choose the right dehumidifier, you should take under consideration the following:

  • The square meters of the area we want the dehumidifier to operate
  • If there are problems of humidity on the walls (mold, yellowing, etc.) and what is the type of insulation in that room
  • The humidity level in the room
  • How the rooms are connected, so as to decide if one dehumidifier is not enough

One basic thing, we need to know, is that the fan of the dehumidifier can cover at least 4-5 times the air of the specific space within 8-10 hours. Every rule has an exception, so the right choice of a dehumidifier, depends on which are the circumstances of the room we need to dehumidify. Therefore, the best thing to take the advice of an expert.

How does a dehumidifier with compressor operates?

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Dehumidifiers with compressor is similar to the operation of air conditioners. The moist air of the room passes through cooling coils of the dehumidifier. There the moist air liquefied and then dripped down into the water tank. Thereafter, since the moisture free air is cold, it has to be re-heated and then being released back in the room.

How a Desiccant dehumidifier with zeolite (without compressor) operates?

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The main component of the dehumidifier without compressor (desiccant) is the zeolite disc which rotates at low speed. The moist air of the room passes through the disc and the desiccant absorbs moisture. The dehumidifier passing air through a heated air stream and venting the captured moisture away from the zeolite, leading the remaining water to the water tank.

What is the “smart dehumidification” (SMD) and what’s the benefit of this operation?

When choosing SMD, the dehumidifier automatically selects the ideal moisture level based on the ideal room temperature and humidity. With the SMD operation, we succeed the best possible conditions comfort conditions in the area in the most economical manner and less consumption.

Why do I need a dehumidifier with clothes drying operation?

Drying your laundry during winter period, is a difficult situation. A dehumidifier, without clothes drying operation, could dry your clothes but if it may dry the clothes more than needed and make the ironing more difficult. The solution to this problem comes with the Inventor dehumidifiers which have the special clothes drying program which ensures their perfect and normal drying.

Can I save more money by drying my clothes with a dehumidifier?

In winter because of the outdoor high levels of humidity and the less sunshine clothes drying becomes difficult. Using alternative ways to dry your clothes is essential. One solution could be the clothes’ dryers but the high-energy consumption and the fact that they damage your clothes because of the high temperatures make them an expensive solution. Contrariwise the dehumidifiers which are devices with low power consumption and with their special programs could achieve the greater result in the lower cost.

Can I achieve a greater air quality inside the room?

The humidity in a room not only causes discomfort but also could cause allergies and viral diseases. Due to this it is recommended to minimize the humidity for a high-quality air in your room, this could be achieved by using a dehumidifier.

Why should I choose a dehumidifier with ionizer?

The ionizer in a dehumidifier can offer high levels of air quality in your place. The dehumidifiers removes the humidity and on the other hand, the ionizer with the special filters removes dust, bacteria and odors by offering a clean and healthy environment in the room.

Does the dehumidifier increase the room temperature?

A dehumidifier, can achieve the improvement of the room temperature. The humidity is closely related with the apparent temperature in a place. For instance, in a room with 20°C temperature and 70% humidity a human body may feel cold, while in the same room and with 20°C temperature and 45% humidity the feeling is totally different and hot so as, to feel comfortable with. This means that the dehumidifier may not increase the temperature, but could offer a better perceive of temperature.

What is continuous drainage?

The dehumidifiers offer the capability of continuous drainage. We are not always able to be where the dehumidifier is to empty the water tank (while at work, holiday homes, warehouses, etc.) Due to this fact is necessary to connect the dehumidifier’s plastic hole with the sewerage to remove automatically the water from the appliance and ensure the constant operation for the necessary period.

What is the continuous dehumidification?

In many cases the humidity in a room is so high that continuous dehumidification is a must. In continuous dehumidification, the appliance operates constantly, independently from the humidity level that we have defined. The continuous dehumidification is also used for clothes drying. The device operates constantly and the clothes drying could be easier.

Why do I need a water pump in the dehumidifier?

The humidity mostly appears in basements with bad insulation and ventilation. In those cases, we can improve the conditions of air by using a dehumidifier. The necessity of a water pump appears when we do not have convenient drain nearby or at a lower level of dehumidifier so is needed a dehumidifier pump. With the water pump the water leads even to higher levels and greater distance by ensuring the continuous operation with no need of emptying the tank.

Where should I place the dehumidifier? Tips for the right use of the dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier should be placed in rooms with the highest levels of humidity and in places that are mostly used (e.g living room). Make sure that the air circulation of the dehumidifier is not disturbed, by placing the device somewhere with a lot of space around, so that the air will enter and come out normally.