Vacuum Cleaner - Bagless – Poly Cyclonic technology for great cleaning performance!

  • HEPA Filter - traps the finest dust particles of dust from your home, leaving a purified, fresh air - excellent for asthmatics or allergy sufferers
  • Multi-cyclonic technology for strong performance on all floor types
  • Large 3L capacity allows for more cleaning with less frequent emptying, making vacuuming an everyday pleasant experience

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The vacuum cleaner is your valuable ally to clean your home, since its performance in basic attributes of selecting a vacuum cleaner are perfect giving it many Plus (+). Sucking a large amount of dust from carpets and tiles/ wooden floors after 5 double sweeping. It has a low dust emission, and this reflects to the clean air that comes out of the vacuum cleaner, thus all the above compose the high-quality performance of your vacuum cleaner, making it as the best choice.

Cleaning your house is easier than ever. Using a lengthy cable this vacuum cleaner creates a 8 m operating radius, which allows you to clean your house easily. The lengthy cable helps you to complete your house cleaning without any stops since the times you must use another electric socket are reduced!

  • EP-MC78
  • Capacity 3.0 litres
  • Power 850 W
  • Noise 78 db(A)
  • Operating Radius 8 m
  • Cord 5 m
  • Dust Collection Bin
  • Net Weight 5.5 kg
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 425x285x348 mm
  • Extra accessories set 6

Vacuum Cleaner EP-MC78B

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