24 / 01 / 2018

Where should the dehumidifier be placed?

Where should the dehumidifier be placed?

The areas in a house which indicate the biggest humidity issues, are the ones where a dehumidifier should be placed. There are certain signs which indicate that humidity has “visited” your place. Some of these signs are: water drops on the windows, black mold spots or even wall inflation in certain severe cases. If any of the mentioned signs are visible, then a dehumidifier has found its place!

A dehumidifier should be placed where it’s usage and operation are by all means not affected. Make sure that there is enough space around the device (approximately 30-50 cm depending on the liters capacity of the dehumidifier), so as to ensure that the air inlet and outlet is not blocked. Curtains and other objects that could restrict the airflow, are to be away from the dehumidifier’s device, in order to obtain its proper operation.

The number of dehumidifiers that a household requires, depends on the severity of the humidity problem. In the event of extreme humidity issues, the dehumidifier is advised to be positioned in a closed room. When humidity subsides, you can transfer it in a central part of the house or a corridor that leads from the entrance point to the bedrooms, keeping the doors open, so that the device can stabilize humidity at a proper level throughout the house. Finally, in case there are multiple humidity sources in the house, the usage of more than one dehumidifiers is suggested. It is critical however to decide upon the number of dehumidifier/s based upon the square meters of your area, the insulation and the intensity of the humidity levels on the walls (mold etc.), the humidity level deriving from the house area and the room proximity to one another, as these are extremely important factors. Keep in mind that the dehumidifier’s fan can offer up to 4-5 times air coverage, within 8-10 hours of operation.