Magic 12000BTU portable air conditioner, for excellent cooling and heating performance all year round!

  • Enjoy the ideal temperatures all year round with the cooling/heating function
  • Energy savings and low noise levels also with Sleep mode
  • Ideal conditions at the exact spot you want with the “Follow Me function”
  • Even air distribution due to the Automatic Blade Movement
  • Smart restart according to previous settings in case of a power failure, due to the Automatic Restart feature.

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Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

Set the unit to start and stop automatically in a 24h period.

Check the settings simply and easily with the LED display on the Inventor portable air conditioner. The display is easy to read and gives you all the information at one glance!

This function refers to the automatic flaps’ movement. The automatic operation enables you to manage a distribution of the air in the room.

Stop the unnecessary emptying of the water tank due to the drain hose that can be easily placed on the back of the appliance leading to the water drainage port.

Once the water level in the tank is full, the appliance will stop operating and an alarm will activate along with the corresponding indicator on the digital control panel.

Innovative system that automatically removes condensed moisture from the unit without manual draining or setting up a hose for continuous drainage

Upon the detection of any abnormal operation or part failure, the unit will automatically shut off, thus protecting itself. Meanwhile, it will indicate protection or an error code for service.

The new generation R290 refrigerant ensures maximum energy efficiency to the operation of your air conditioner! At the same time, it is extremely eco-friendly as it has a very low global warming potential with zero ozone depletion potential.

The integrated swivel casters make the portable AC easier to move.

The window Kit is not included in the gift box. Can be placed to the nearest window and connected with the air conducting vent. With the collapsible window Kit, the window opening (window covering from 68cm to 125cm) is covered decreasing the cooling and heating loss from the external air, while saving energy.

  • M3GHP290-12
  • Cooling Capacity 12.000 Btu / h
  • Energy Class A/ A+ Cooling/ Heating
  • Noise Level
    (Low / High)
    54 / 54.3 / 54.5 dB(A)
  • Cooling Capacity 3.52 kWatt
  • Heating Capacity 2.93 kWatt
  • EER 2.6
  • Voltage / Frequency / Phase 220-240 / 50 / 1 V / Hz / Ph
  • Current Input (Cooling) 5.9 A
  • Current Input (Heating) 5 A
  • Power Input (Cooling) 1.350 W
  • Power Input (Heating) 1.045 W
  • Air Flow Volume (Hi / Mid / Low) 420 / 370 / 355 m³ / h
  • Dehumidifying Volume 78 L / day
  • Sound Power Level 64 dB(A)
  • Compressor Type Rotary
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 467 x 397 x 765 mm
  • Net Weight 34.4 kg
  • Refrigerant / Charge R290 / 0.23 kg
  • Available on Amazon

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